The Truth is Class war in the UK never went away, the title was just to get you to read this blog. There has been a bill that has been lurking for a while now. This blog is just to get you to get ready for the coming shit storm. What has happened, is the next generation of activists have been distracted by the Unions and other government affiliated protest bodies. They promised you direct action and failed.  Now all they have is an even bigger class of unemployed and angry kids on our streets who are waiting for it to kick of again so they can smash shit into more corporate property. They are angry and they have a every right to be.

Over a thousand people murdered by police on our streets since 1990 with Mark Duggan being the catalyst that triggered mass riots around the UK, after that the Oligarchy was still standing. Fuck that,. We have been under attack by the mega rich for decades.  Its absolute murder down here on the street, In the last 10 years they took away our local pubs, they took away our youth clubs and privatised EVERYTHING, now they seek to take away one of our most important human rights, the right to protest. This must be shouted from the rooftops.

The Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill will come in to force early 2014, by then the right to protest will be gone. This bill will put an end to our democratic right to protest. Our Ancestors died for our right to protest. The question is, what are we prepared to do to defend it ?

Follow the Bill here >

They better hope to fuck they don’t pass it, more importantly, we better hope we do something before they do.

An Anarchist…


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