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With 2013 drawing to a close, and 2014 upon us,  what does the future hold for the UK resistance.  It’s clear that many Activists are coming to the realization that simple protest marches from A to B no longer work.  Civil Disobedience is now the new protest method, from the book blocks at the student demo’s to the lock ons at the Anti fracking camps at Balcombe and Barton Moss, there is clearly a shift towards more direct methods of protest.

In 2014 Anarchist tactics will certainly become more prominent within the protest world.  The power of solidarity is rising,  Animal rights groups, such as Hunt Sabs and Anti Badger cullers are joining forces with Antifascist groups, Students, Anti-Fracking cells and Occupiers. The Idea that is forming is all out solidarity, from forming large radical blocks,  to inner city lock ons, occupations, banner drops and road blocks.  The re-emergence of class war shows you how bad things have got.

We are in a Class War, Austerity was a declaration of class warfare but we thought a simple wave of protest would solve the problem, we were wrong.  Since 2010, on the psychological battle field, we have been pushed back, way back. ! 2014 is the year that we will retake that ground, but 1st…  we are going have to get mad. We are going to have to link arms together, lock on together and go to jail together !

The cry for 2014, is CLASS WAR !!!  Always wear black, Never speak to the police.
Whilst we are approaching 2 million un-employed, simple food and shelter is becoming a luxury, all whilst our food is being pumped with GMO’s and our land is under attack by Oil and gas companies.  If you don’t get arrested for being a spanner in works in 2014, then you are a not doing enough.  If Peaceful protest worked, It would be Illegal, we must Educate, escalate and Expropriate… So Now………….. Slap yourself round the face and repeat after me ..  WE ARE FUCKING ANGRY !!!

Best Regards,
Someone that feels like you !


Vote for Anarchism

Mark Duggan, a 29-year-old Tottenham resident, was shot and killed by police in Tottenham, North London, England, on 4 August 2011.  Mark Duggan’s death angered the next generation of voters and on that August day in 2011, they showed their anger to the world with riots across the UK.  The truth is, the streets cry for help went un-heard for a long time before Duggan’s death.  This was not just about police brutality or about new austerity programmes, this was inherently a class war that was on going for a long time. This class war was made a reality by Thatcher in the 80s and proven by the Condems in 2011.

Fast forward to 2013…… the streets are still the same. the divide between the rich and the poor has grown, there is no mansion tax there is a bedroom tax, there is no action against tax havens, only action against welfare. Bankers still get bonuses whilst half a million people in the UK are now reliant on food banks. The big 6 fuel companies have the poor held to ransom over heating or eating. Our National Healthcare service is now being sold to the highest bidder, whilst the rich receive quick and efficient private healthcare.   There is no political party representing the poor and where once we strived for basic human rights like equality, fairness and justice, we now live in a state where those human rights are reserved for the super rich.  Make no mistake the Class War is well and truly alive, that’s why in the 2015 elections, I will be voting Class War….

Best Regards
A Class War Anarchist


In the UK, on March 26th 2011, over a thousand Anarchists took to the street to send a clear message to the British government that we were not going to take the cuts lightly. Buildings got smashed, Banks set on fire, and corporations attacked.  This action would have been many times bigger if it had not been for a certain group known as the Love Police. A man by the name of Charlie Veitch, either aware or unaware, gathered in Trafalgar square on the day of the mass disturbance with a message of “Love the police.”  You could almost say that on this day,  the message of Anarchy in the UK was diluted by Veitch’s message of loving the police.

Skip forward to Occupy London, October 15th 2011 and the many demo’s and actions that were associated, out of No where came Anonymous, this was the 1st time they launched themselves into the Generalised protest world outside of Scientology. They bought with then an underlying message of peaceful protest that was built into their code of conduct. No one actually knew where this code of conduct came from, some even pointing the finger at it coming from the FBI themselves.

Skip forward to November 1st 2011 and a conversation on a very large Facebook thread . It was 5 days before the big protest on November 5th 2011 AKA “Operation Stand” the Operation discussion thread had many comments. The biggest and most controversial part of this thread that was the majority of UK Anons were unanimous that the threat of violent or disruptive behaviour should be dealt with by handing any confrontational protesters over to police. That’s right, the peaceful protest code of conduct had become all out complicity with the police. This caused mass outrage and became a very big thread with many criticizing Anonymous UK as counter-revolutionary.

The underlying code of conduct that promoted peaceful protest has been a topic of controversy ever since . From my perspective , We should all want peaceful protest, but it’s really not that simple. By all means support Anonymous, but we really must read between the lines, the police are not our friends, they are not on our side. I do not want violence, but without justice, there can never be peace.  Any activist in there right mind knows this to be the case,

Skip forward to 2013 and I see the activist world completely divided by this  subject. Are we peaceful or are we violent, the truth is always somewhere in the middle, this blog will hopefully remind people to read between the lines, we are not doing this to be violent, but we are naive if we state that we are organizing a peaceful demo, because In the current police state, you can not guarantee this.

So 1st, the love police quelled the uprising for 2 years, then Anonymous quelled the uprising for a further 2 years. Now in 2013 going on 2014, you have the next big groups in the UK, The Peoples Assembly,  Left Unity and The Peoples voice, All three with clauses written into their mission statement of peaceful protest, all three at risk of quelling the uprising.

Please read between the lines. we do not need peaceful protest, we do not need violent protest. What we need is affirmative action, from the grass-roots level up. The alternative is simple,  never affiliate with a group that has “peaceful protest” built into their code of conduct, because you may just find yourself getting arrested or sacrificed by your own team.

With Love
A Ground Activist in the thick of it.