Vote for Anarchism

Mark Duggan, a 29-year-old Tottenham resident, was shot and killed by police in Tottenham, North London, England, on 4 August 2011.  Mark Duggan’s death angered the next generation of voters and on that August day in 2011, they showed their anger to the world with riots across the UK.  The truth is, the streets cry for help went un-heard for a long time before Duggan’s death.  This was not just about police brutality or about new austerity programmes, this was inherently a class war that was on going for a long time. This class war was made a reality by Thatcher in the 80s and proven by the Condems in 2011.

Fast forward to 2013…… the streets are still the same. the divide between the rich and the poor has grown, there is no mansion tax there is a bedroom tax, there is no action against tax havens, only action against welfare. Bankers still get bonuses whilst half a million people in the UK are now reliant on food banks. The big 6 fuel companies have the poor held to ransom over heating or eating. Our National Healthcare service is now being sold to the highest bidder, whilst the rich receive quick and efficient private healthcare.   There is no political party representing the poor and where once we strived for basic human rights like equality, fairness and justice, we now live in a state where those human rights are reserved for the super rich.  Make no mistake the Class War is well and truly alive, that’s why in the 2015 elections, I will be voting Class War….

Best Regards
A Class War Anarchist


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