Class Warriors will “Reclaim the Streets” in 2014

So next year, most people will march back and forward again in the hope that we can somehow overthrow or change the system in some way. This will include a few new conspiracy nuts, a few hippies, and a few people affected by the cuts.  They will sing songs like power to the people, the people have the power, they will argue with police, then they will go home and carry on watching Big Brother.

The rest of the people, do not give a fuck.  we are talking about 70% of the population, who have absolutely no reason to protest whatsoever.  In fact statistically speaking, in 2014 more people will go to festivals , attended football matches and take cocaine.

What does this tell us? …..not that they are asleep, not that they lacking an alternative, in actual fact this tells us quite simply, that “WE” are doing it wrong. We shouldn’t be organizing protests, we shouldn’t be organizing anything yet  because we cannot speak for the 99% of people, only for ourselves.

So what we need is a mass community outreach project, not to give a few crack heads sleeping bags, not to hand out flyers in central London locations in huge groups to guarantee a good day out. What we need is for people to be motivated to work in groups as small as 2-3 handing out a flyer that says one thing and one thing only.  RECLAIM THE STREETS IS BACK…….. We will no longer comply with protest regulations by asking for permission to protest because we are not protesting any more. Now, we are merely the symptom of the  problem. We are the Great wave speech, We are the children with no hope, the chaos before the order. Anarchy is order.  The banks declared Class War on the people,. now we have found a way to fight back,  its time for civil disobedience.

A guy with nothing to lose.


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