ClassWar Rising 2014

Since the “MURDER” of Mark Duggan and subsequent miscarriage of justice,  police relations have dropped to an all time low. Since the court’s ruling of “legal killing” Its become apparent that the metropolitan police no longer serve the people.

From now on, when attending a demo, wear black , not only in solidarity with fellow comrades, but also in protest of the police. Do not comply with them, do not open up into dialogue with them but at the same time, never turn your back on them. Let them know that they killed Mark Duggan, let them know that they are the biggest gang in Town and If they try to and talk back, tell them to fuck off  !

Our war cry is Class War !!!
United under black and red flags, Its time to confront and agitate. Lets  make one thing clear, the people out number the police, they are not the biggest gang in town, we are….

We are now Mobilizing for the biggest black bloc in history, it will happen when you least expect it……………… So,  for now, get your black flags ready, get your face covering ready, get yourself some black clothes and standby for the coming shit storm..

An Anarcho Syndicalist in the UK


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