The ClassWar Meeting – January 2014

Today I went to the ClassWar Political party meeting in South London. I went along with an open mind, neither for, nor against it. Many things were discussed, policies included Abolishing the bedroom tax and implementing a Mansion Tax,  a cap on the earnings of the rich, the legalization of Ganja, a living wage, discounted football tickets, abolishing pay-day loans and an end to Fracking. Overall I gotta say the policies where pretty EPIC.

The idea of anarchists engaging in the very system that we oppose sort of contradicted it, however, I get it. The sort of people who this will appeal to is not only the disenfranchised youth, but as one guy in the meeting pointed out, it has possibility of creating a huge vacuum across the board, which i agree with. What I also liked about the meeting was that at the end Ian Bone announced the party launch will be an action on MAY DAY 2014. ( SEE YOU AT THE BARRICADES )


This is definitely one to watch…


A Class War Anarchist.


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