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STOP THE EVF – London (15.3.14)

North London Antifascists have done a call out to oppose the EVF ( English Volunteer force ) on March 15th 2014 in London. The EVF are a group of far right extremist Nazi’s hiding behind a centre right argument of anti-immigration. ( Basically the Rejects from the EDL)  The EVF plan to march from Trafalgar square to Parliament with a message of Anti-Immigration, Anti-Halal meat, and Anti-Burkha. Whatever they tell you , the EVF are Fascists.


This EVF march is targeting Muslims and by doing so is segregating a huge part of our community causing divide and playing directly into the governments hands. The EVF are arguing that protesting against immigration, is gonna solve the problems we face and fix our broken society. The EVF’s message is that immigration offers cheap labour, which brings down wages for everyone else and causes un employment for us all. One thing is missing and very wrong with this argument, and that is that in order for this to be true, you would have to differentiate from us and them, meaning that what the EVF are actually saying is that “they” are “different” from “us” this is nothing short of discrimination.

The fact is,  the other reasons behind the EVF’s march are specific to Islam, this proves that the EVF are targeting Muslims for religious and racist reasons that in fact have nothing to do with immigration. This is proven by the fact they are not mentioning immigration from any other ethnic background.  They are not mentioning polish, Bulgarian or Romanian immigrants, if they truly had a problem with immigration, surely they would mention them. It would appear that only Muslim immigrants are on their agenda.

The fight back and ongoing global uprising against the elite was never supposed to be a left right battle, the revolution is indeed a global fight back, the real enemy is the corporatocracy. The fact remains that to defeat this enemy we must be united.. white, black, gay, straight, men, woman and children, NO ONE EXCLUDED. The minute anyone tries to exclude any one of these groups of human beings, like what happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany, We must use it as an opportunity to UNITE ! Never again we will allow one race, religion or belief to be excluded from the argument unless it’s that of a fascist !

These fascists are not only violent thugs, they are the states counter-revolutionaries…

On March 15th 2014, Join the North London Anti-fascists and remind the fascists whose streets they are.




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Antifascism – The Nature of the Beast !

I have tried so hard to help people understand the nature of the beast we fight and still I see threads like that on Occupy London’s wall just yesterday where many people were saying left / right divide is what the elites want.  Allow me to reiterate why this is bullshit…..  All government dictatorships are inherently right-wing. You may argue that some dictatorships throughout history have been left-wing, but that is not correct because the very ideology of a dictatorship means it becomes right-wing.  They truth is that people holding extreme right-wing views are a part of the 1%, it’s not just financial, it’s also ideological.

Ok, hope your still with me when I say “All government dictatorships are right-wing” the very ideology of the left cries out for no hierarchy, no discrimination, more equality, fairness and justice for all.   How can the left / right divide be an elite conspiracy when the elite are Right wing. The only people who want more justice and more equality are the left, the very definition of right-wing means more control and more hierarchy.

The real fight,  is a united people fighting against the right-wing ideology within government to bring about a more just and sustainable world were we don’t have greedy, uneducated and violent people imposing there rules on the rest of the population. So, 1st things 1st. we need to rid all the machine minds of that of the EDL, BNP, EVF and other Nazi like groups, then we carry on mobilizing against that very same ideology but not just in ring wing groups, but straight through the heart of government. So…. the reason we fight fascists on the street is because in order to defeat your enemy, you must 1st understand what is wrong with that enemy.

So next time someone invites you to an antifascist demo against the EDL, Golden Dawn and the BNP etc……. If you planning to say it’s just divide and conquer, remember, that was exactly what the Jews said before the holocaust …. If only they understood the nature of the beast..



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