It was Saturday March 15th 2014 and far right group the “English Volunteer Force” had planned a march from Trafalgar square to Parliament.  It is important to mention that the evening before the demo the EVF sent out a message.
The Message read:-

Rendez vous point for tomorrow as there is many patriots coming from all over and from many orgs please as soon as you hit london head straight for westminster tube station stewards will be on hand to meet you there
Please share
And remember do NOT rise to the left let em show themselves up and have a great day
Booze to a minimum till after then we celebrate
For Our Country, For Our People

The EVF had in effect changed the meeting point from Trafalgar square to Westminster tube. For anyone reading this message on their Facebook page, it appeared the far right had in fact “Bottled it”….

Saturday march 15th, It was 1:18 approx when the antifascists started to marched from Trafalgar square towards Parliament. At the top of Whitehall they were met by police who blocked the road. Around 200 yards behind the police were the EVF. The EVF were heading for Trafalgar square… BUT THEY DID NOT PASS…

The antifascists stood their ground and assumed they would show. This is always a dangerous game because assuming the enemy is weak can weaken the resistance. The EVF were turned back at the top of Whitehall due to a blockade by antifascists. After the EVF were turned back the antifascists went around to the next road chasing the EVF. Road after road the antifascists were met with police lines until at around 1:35 without warning, the police kettled around 100 antifascists.

Police Kettle the Antifascists

In all around 50 antifascists broke through police lines and made it down to parliament to confront the EVF and by 1:45 The EVF were being confronted by not only Autonomous antifascists but also members of UAF and many other antifascists groups.

Antifascists making a run for the EVF in Old Palace Yard.

Overall the EVF were outnumbered 3-1 with around 50-60 EVF showing up. At around 3:00 the EVF headed back to the pub (a whole hour short of their planned end time). By 3:30 the EVF’s numbers were down to a mere 20-30 most of whom had been drinking heavily all day.

A drunk EVF member struggles to stand up.

Up the road at around this time the antifascists were let out of the kettle, then the numbers had changed. Around 100 more antifascists were let out of a kettle but under conditions that they were only to head north and not towards the fascists.

Antifascists on Whitehall.

As evening approached,  some of the main organizers of the English Volunteer were still sitting in a local Pub accompanied by some hangers on. Suddenly, A large contingency of antifascists came into the pub. The Anti-fascists immediately spotted the Nazis and confronted them.
“Nazi Scum out our pub” The Nazi’s were told in no uncertain terms to leave.

The EVF Ran Away.




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