The Biggest act of Police Brutality ever. (BARTON MOSS)

Here is a video of just some of the acts of violence by the Greater Manchester Police. This has to be the most ever seen at one protest.

Click here >>> Police brutality compilation from Barton Moss (NEW)

Barton Moss Anti Fracking Protest Salford 16th March 2014 photo by Steven Speed (4)(1)

A woman gets slammed to the ground by Greater Manchester Police

Over the last few months the media have failed to report the levels of police brutality at Barton Moss Fracking site. The Protectors have been harassed, slammed to the ground and beaten.

We call for an investigation into the shear levels of violence used against ordinary men, woman and children. Why has this not been reported by the mainstream media. In summer 2014 more fracking sites are due to open, if they are anything like the one at Barton Moss, we are going to need a lot more people.

Please share this video far and wide

An Anarcho Protector.


3 thoughts on “The Biggest act of Police Brutality ever. (BARTON MOSS)

  1. TaxPayerForProgress

    Because sadly as a taxpayer we need to spend money to remove those trying to prevent a lawfully granted activity to test a site’s geology. Standing in the way naively thinking that the police wont touch you, and thereby prevent what you selfishly want/don’t want is not acceptable, and police will physically remove you.


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