The Climate Revolution !

On March 19th 2014, 500 Anti Fracking activists reclaimed the streets in Central London. The Message was clear “let’s get organised.” The Climate activists are not just determined but have big plans for the future. The Carnival was not just about Fracking, this was about activism in general, and more importantly “Tactics”.

The Anti-Fracking camps are acting as revolutionary training and education camps. This is not just about climate or capitalism, this is about an attack on our land. With summer approaching, and many Fracking camps set to begin, Fracking sites are not just calling for feet on the ground , the Fracking camps have set up a network.

We know the internet has proved in-effective for organizing Mass Demonstrations in the real world. Relationships, solidarity and comradeship can only be formed in the real world.  An Anarcho Sydicalist style movement needs to be implemented across the board outside of the workplace. The Fracking sites are our new meeting places, our youth clubs and our community spaces. Ultimately this means that Fracking has the potential to be the spark. We saw the Anti-War Movement mobilize millions, We saw the Anti-Austerity movement mobilize millions.

The next movement won’t happen unless we take to the streets in the same place at the same time (Think about that for a minute) And then ask yourself this…. “What ARE you doing this Summer” Because I heard a Revolution IS coming….


It would seem the only thing missing is the large numbers of people. Its summer soon and for a demo in March The Fracking Carnival was ahead of the game. It’s important to remember the Anti-War movement started in a similar way and then, over a million people took to the streets.


Green is looking up as well.


An Anarcho Syndicalist in the UK


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