The People of Brighton have every right to be angry.

On April 27th 2014, (St Georges Day) The Far right will be allowed a platform to march through the heart of multicultural Brighton. The reason they choose Brighton is because of its liberal and multicultural nature (They know it will cause division).

The March for England is made up of EDL, EVF, NWI and other Nazi groups.

The March for England will be met with a wall of opposition from local groups spread across all ages, colours and cultures. The fascists will come up against many autonomous groups adopting different tactics to counter them.

English Disco lovers will be rocking out against racism.

Brighton’s local Queer and Homeless community will be making a stand.

Local trade unions together with Unite against fascism have done a call out for a mass mobilization.

Militant black bloc tactics will take center stage to defend the community.

EDL thugs5
All members of the local community will be out in force.

Together they make a united Brighton against the march for England. The idea is not just to oppose the march for England, but to stop it in its tracks. Our grandparents killed fascists, now they are allowed to march down our streets. In the 21st century, to allow a group with a message of segregation and hate to cause this level of unrest in our communities is absolutely outrageous.

A picture from 2013:-

On the 27th of April the people of Brighton have every right to be angry.

For more info see flyer below:-

An Anarcho Syndicalist in the UK


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