October 18th 2014 – RECLAIM THE CITY

This year on October 18th the TUC has called for a mass march through the center of London. This will be the biggest demonstration of the year with possibly over 100,000 people taking to the streets. There is one question on everyone’s mind “What are the radicals thinking?”

black bloc_1
A Radical worker with a Truncheon protection helmet.

On March 26th 2011, we saw radicals adopt the “Black Bloc Tactic”, rampaging down Oxford street smashing every corporation in site. Since then In the UK entire Black blocs have been mass arrested before the day has even begun. This new tactic by police completely changes the game. In Black you are an easy target for the police who can simply “Arrest everyone in Black” (Totally illegal, but they will do it anyway)

An easy target for a police kettle.

This year calls have gone out for a Radical workers bloc, a black bloc, a Classwar bloc, all kinds of blocs. None have really succeeded in capturing the people’s imagination. Many people know that the TUC’s march to Hyde Park will end with speeches given by the usual suspects and then everyone will go home. We know that some of the demos of the past have simply turned into running battles with police who are not the real target. So what to do on October 18th 2013.

A colour bloc would certainly confuse the fuck out of the police.

Critics of the colour bloc tactic may argue, “fuck that, im wearing black” and the response to that would be “say that when you’re getting arrested and the other guy/girl wearing green walks free. We are all aware that the unity colours of the black bloc is Black. So would this affect the unity of the day, Maybe ?. Some would argue that the very act of carrying a red and black flag would have you singled out. By wearing diffrent colours, the police would have to arrest everyone.

Unity colours of the Colour Bloc.

This is not a fashion show, this is not a call to adopt black bloc tactics whilst wearing colourful face coverings, this is ultimately performance art and a spectacle. With huge marches like this, whatever tactic adopted, it’s about expression. Expression to express one’s views however that particular person see’s fit. Black Bloc is like an addiction that people will always see as the more radical bloc and therefore always sway away from the very idea of a colour bloc to be with “the IN crowd”. Foolishly this means more likelihood of getting kettled, arrested and more importantly, lowering the radical elements numbers down to those only wearing black. In other words,  the media will say “the radicals were the ones in black.”

Snapshot 1 (25-03-2014 11-08)
March 2011: Police cut through the Black bloc.

Whatever the tactic adopted on the day, this blog is in no way trying to over iron the black fabric down to a smouldering piece of tissue. This blog is merely a suggestion that radical blocs are not just limited to black bloc tactics. In fact they are two completely different things, that’s not the point though, the point is that although the UK likes to follow suit with european tactics, very rarely do we set the trend with new ideas. The usual plan is to start the demo with a block on Embankment and then break off onto Oxford street. This has now become very predictable and somewhat outdated.

A more credible idea would be to blend in with the TUC demo all the way to Hyde Park and then disperse only to re-emerge at strategic targets around the City of London in the cover of night. Let us not forget that October 18th is on a Saturday, which means an all nighter is on the cards. Why go after Starbucks, McD’s or boots, when you can target Goldman Sachs, Rothschild’s bank and a list of a hundred others.

Another option is clear, we all know that the mainstream media will not promote this event and locals from the surrounding boroughs of London will most likely have no idea that this demonstration is taking place. Why not start Mobilization Blocs early in the day from strategic locations that are suffering most from state oppression and cuts. The idea would be to march around the estates during the day with megaphones calling everyone to the city of London for say 9pm. (For example)

Possible March locations to bring the wider community into the City.

At very least these locations can be made aware of the possible action. Our very way of life is under attack by the corporate thugs that are destroying our communities, poisoning our land and profiting from our demise. This is the ultimate take over and its being forced upon us by the weapon that is Austerity. On October 18th, we have a chance to let public anger boil over to symbolize the discontent with the current system. With every year we are running out of time, time to change course to a more sustainable way of life, time to bring the real criminals to justice and time to implement real horizontal people led democracy.

Imagine if we all came to the center and reclaimed the City in the dead of night.

Whatever happens its All-out for October 18th.

Note: This is by no means an official call-out, this is merely an expression of ideas. This is not calling for violence or law breaking. This blog does not and cannot mobilize the 100 ache woods autonomous cell of nothingness, for we have no Gods nor masters.

An Anarcho Syndicalist in the UK.


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