Video of protesters following Boris Johnson in north London

Today in North London Boris Johnson got chased up the street by members of the local community. In the last 22 years not a single council home has been built. Today Boris confirmed that he has infact built 3, that’s 3 in 22 years.  Woop woop!


Meanwhile, people are being made homeless because of the bedroom tax and rising unemployment with more people having to resort to food banks to feed their families. Affordable housing is no longer affordable and London is being gentrified. With Welfare being slashed across the board, for people who can’t find work, disabled people and people on low income. Rising energy bills saw more than 11,000 people die over the christmas period. Unemployed figures have risen to over 2.3 million and homelessness has risen by another 5% since 2013. Lets face it, this tory government have fucked our country up.

Today, Boris Johnson came to North London and actually thought he was doing a good thing (What a wanker). This is what happened.

Video of Boris being heckled:-

An Anarcho Syndicalist in the UK

PS:- Heckle Boris Johnson by all means necessary.


10 thoughts on “Video of protesters following Boris Johnson in north London

  1. Ange

    What do you mean by council house? Aren’t they all social housing/housing association run now? My sister lives in one of the six houses set aside as ‘council/social/poorfolk’ out of more than 100 new houses in a development built within last 22yrs. Very disproportionate and I definitely agree there is not enough housing provided for vulnerable people, that is where I’d like my taxes spent, if I have to pay them, if I earn enough to pay them which I don’t much!

  2. Mary Murphy

    Boris Johson is rich and famous and ignorant and he, like his sister showed only a modicum of decency towards the people she attempted to live in poverty with a few weeks ago in a tv documentary. He is all aristocrat as shown in Who Do you think You Are. These people are bullies and robbers from centuries ago and hang onto their wealth and status with no modesty or shame for the way they exploit the poor in the past and now and it seems that they are there for ever forever. Lord help us!

  3. Niall

    No what fucked this country up was a labour government that gave money to bone idle people capable of working who also put 3 people in to jobs that could easily be done by one also promised us a referendum only for them to spend us down the river and give every thing away that we would of voted on I’m no Tory and yes they have made mistakes but you can’t spend money we don’t have but labour thought I was ok to do so when the Tories were last in power the economic climate was the best it had ever been when labour took over so for the first 5 years they were spending a previous governments budget then when they severed a second term in office they fucked it up
    And as for the two gulf wars and Afghanistan we shouldn’t even be there Blair and bush should be locked up under war crimes

    1. Lou

      Can people please stop pretending that the economy in the 80s was ‘the best it had ever been’. If you were one of the 1% then yes, it was great; if you were one of the 99% then it was far, far from it. The benefits of the 80s were only seen by Boris Johnson and his friends, at the expense of you and me, Niall.

  4. Joe

    France had the best solution for ridding the country of aristocracy. It was called the guillotine. It did wonders.

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