Occupy Anarchy On Mayday 2014

On Mayday there will be an Anarchist Bloc in London. Its time to grab your black and red flags,  boycott work, school or whatever else it is you’re doing on may 1st and get yourself out onto the streets. It may be Labour day, but that doesn’t mean its the Labour party day, Mayday belongs to the Anarchists, It always has and always will.

Remember in 2016 Mayday and #NOV5TH fall on a Saturday???

So this year in 2014,  Occupy Wonga seems to be the biggest direct action of the day, I’m sure you will see many anarchists in the Occupy Bloc when it departs for the target. Occupy does not just mean Occupy London as a group, Occupy is a network of Squatters and local eviction resistance groups. Occupy has also branched out into the free party scene and has supported some huge events in the last few years, this being one of them.

Occupy is not supposed to be one group, but many. As well as groups It is also supposed to be individuals who are not affiliated with groups, most of all, It’s supposed to be an Idea and a tactic. The tactic used in all eviction resistance is indeed to Occupy. (It always has been)

So what about Mayday, well, behind the scenes in squats throughout London I have seen people preparing for May-day, Banner workshops have begun, placards have been made and a lot of time has been invested into Occupy Wonga. Although an affinity group has selected Wonga as a target and other affinity groups have got on board,  Mayday belongs to everyone.


Artwork by an Anonymous Artist.

For me after Mayday will come more eviction resistance, supporting demo’s including that of DPAC and Fuel Poverty action, many Antifascist events including Rotherham on May 10th and Newcastle on May 17th. The biggest this year will happen on June 21st, October 17th and November 5th. In between all that. I will also be visiting the Protector camps up and down the county to make a stand against Fracking, but for now, it’s all out for May-day.

Solidarity comrades.

An Anarcho Syndicalist in the UK.



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