October 18th 2014 – Britain needs Anarchy

Following on from a previous blog entitled October 18th – RECLAIM THE CITY, October 18th. It seems the idea of a radical workers “colour bloc” is certainly getting people interested.

Just to re-iterate on October 18th the TUC are organizing a huge march under the banner of “Britain needs a pay rise” the idea is to have a huge radical workers colour bloc so not to get arrested for wearing black before the day has begun.

This could be how a colour bloc might look.

We have to remind ourselves that wearing all black and bringing a chance of clothes, is no different to wearing colourful cloths and bringing a change of clothes. The Benefit of not wearing black is as stated before, that you are less likely to be kettled before the day has begun. Also if you remove your face covering upon request of the police, you are still a target as you are wearing black,  if you are just an ordinary member of the public you can blend in easier and re-emerge later.

The idea would obviously be to not comply with law enforcement and remove your face covering at any point in the day, the minute you have removed your face covering, you have been scanned by big brother / liable to arrest and must change clothes quickly.


Big brother is always watching.

So to answer a few questions about the last blog, many of you asked what would the point of the colour bloc be if the plan was only to re-emerge later on at another location.  Just to clarify, there were two ideas, one was for the colour bloc, the other was to organize another action as an after party in the city. The two were separate ideas that could happen one after the other. The idea of a colour bloc would be to organize actions as autonomous individuals not as a huge bloc but as smaller affinity groups. Later in the day the idea would then be to move on to another location to come together and form a huge bloc.

You can bring your black bloc gear in your bag but save it till the evening.

It is important at this stage to remember that October 18th is not only the TUC demo, but also  also international Anti-slavery day and the day of the London Anarchist Book fare. Taking all of this into consideration it would be silly to mis such a momentous occasion.

The idea could be to hand out flyer’s before hand and on the day to meet at a symbolic location like the Gerkin in the city at say 9pm. Just imagine thousands of anarchists occupying the center of the city for the night with the only message being ANARCHY LIVES.
The Gerkin in the center point of the city of London, (the private corporation)

Imagine if we all realized the dumbing down of a generation would lead to complete subservience for the capitalists and slavery for future generations. Imagine if we mobilized London to hit back at the city like Occupy London should have. (Where it hurts).

Note: This is by no means an official call-out, this is merely an expression of ideas. This is not calling for violence or law breaking. This blog does not and cannot mobilize the 100 ache woods autonomous cell of nothingness, for we have no Gods nor masters.


An Anarcho syndicalist in the UK




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