UKIP have done a great job for the Green Party

Only 1 day to go before the Euro Elections on May 22nd and the word on the street is that many people are planning to vote Green. Most of these people are not people who usually vote, most of them don’t even believe in the voting system. The reason so many people are flooding the ballot box this year…………….. is to say a big “FUCK YOU” to UKIP.

Caroline Lucas (Green MP)

Granted, the Green Party are not the best party in the world. They do have some good policies though, however I was always of the opinion that it’s the taking part in the actual voting system that is the real problem. I have never voted in protest of the failure of the voting system. But then along came Nigel?

Look at him, he thinks he is fucking Tony Montana. LOL

So along came Nigel Farage and everything changed, the possibility of a fascist regime worst than that of a the Tory government under Thatcher became a reality. Many people expressed that they will be voting green on May 22nd as a protest vote against UKIP. Looking at social media this is a trend that is certainly picking up speed.


I am certainly not asking people to support the green party in any way. I personally believe that a Anarcho Syndicate can be formed from the street level that can incorporate all people to discuss issues on a local and global scale. The System needs to change.  The question I am  putting out there today, is? “In the immediate future would you rather have Nigel Farage or Green party MP’s taking up seats?”


An Anarcho Syndicalist in the UK


One thought on “UKIP have done a great job for the Green Party

  1. Dom

    I’m not voting Green because of UKIP. I’m voting Green because I like their policies more than other parties…


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