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Who the fuck is Paul Pitt?

On the 19th of July a group of Nazi’s are coming to Cricklewood to get drunk and attack people.
Let’s not beat around the bush, these guys are SCUM. The “south east alliance” as they call themselves, are a bunch of very angry people (Basically racist thugs who hate Muslims). The leader of the south east alliance goes by the name of Paul Pitt, but his actual name is Paul Prodromou. (An immigrant from Cyprus)

Paul Pitt.
Paul Pitt has been recorded calling for a white mans uprising to kick all Muslims out of the UK and create a “white British society”. He is as radical and as dangerous as those he claims to oppose. Make no mistake, Paul Pitt is a far-right extremist with a history of violence.

Paul Pitt lashing out a female but accidentally hitting his own son. (Pitt Junior)

Paul Pitt gets aggressive with police.
Last time Paul Pitt came to Cricklewood he was blocked by the local community and told by police he could not proceed any further due to risk of disturbing the peace. He then became very aggressive towards police and local residents as he was put on a train and sent packing.
Paul Pitt is a very angry man which is noticeable just by looking at his pictures on-line.

Pitt and Golding
Here Paul Pitt is seen with his buddy Paul Golding of Britain first trying to Intimidate a man outside a mosque in Crayford.


Here the two Pauls are together again at a demo outside downing street.

Paul Pitt the face of hate.

Another one of Pitts Outbursts.

And another.

And Another.

The rest of Pitts minions
Here we have a mixture of Racist bigots, convicted football hooligans and Nazis all under Pitts leadership. Many of the faces above have been seen¬†intimidating local residents and posting threats on-line. On July 19th 2014, its important that the local community of North west London take to the streets in numbers. We need to send a clear message that Paul Pitt’s politics of hate, are not welcome on our streets.

Event page:-

See you at the barricades!

An Anarcho Sydicalist in the UK.