MASSIVE PROTEST IN THE UK – October 18th 2014

Britain needs a pay rise is set be a massive demonstration.


On October 18th, POWER IN NUMBERS. Get as many flyers printed as possible ( DESIGN YOUR OWN ) You can get flyers for as cheap as £10 for 1000, Do a banner drop, Free HUgs, direct actions, art installations, dance, anything! but organize locally and let people know that over 100,000 people will be out. (Prepare for something new.)


We need actions to express alternatives to Austerity.

Mass Civil disobedience is a great way to get a message across.

Outreach has failed in the past, we must organize a massive lift share before #18Oct

Now is the time to shut them down.

Many high-street corporations have become victim of Greed. Through workfare schemes, tax avoidance and bad working conditions, It appears fat cat Bosses are using Capitalism to declare war on hard working men and woman.

THE GOOD NEWS is Ed Miliband will be there.

Ed Fucking Miliband

Now if this is not a reason to be there then I don’t know what is. A man who reads the Sun, doesn’t support the Unions, or the left, or the poor or anyone for that matter, face it. Labour leader Ed Miliband is a loser. Ed will be in Hyde Park on stage, in front of the Masses of pissed off people. He will be lucky if he gets 10 seconds, that is if the stage doesn’t get stormed.

Anyway here is the Link:-


#OccupyLondon have also officially called for an occupation of Parliament Square AKA Occupy Democracy, on the 17th of October (the day before the big demo).

Occupy Democracy


More updates on October #17Oct and #18Oct to follow…
Watch this space >>>

Best Regards,
An Anarcho Syndicalist in the UK



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