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The Peoples climate march London – An Anarchists perspective.

On Sunday the 21st of September 2014 It’s the people’s climate march WORLDWIDE!  with around 10k people expected at the London demo.


The general consensus is that this demo is not just about climate change, but also about Anti-capitalism. The state can try to put sanctions on energy companies, the war machine and most likely the people to prevent climate change, but that’s not going to stop the capitalist machine. The system has failed! and whilst that system(capitalism) continues, there will always be environmental death and destruction in the name of profit. This is a good place to start a huge movement from, the urgency is well documented. It’s time to make anarchism in the UK a threat again. This is the 1st biggie of the protest season, its time for action!

The 6 step guide to MASS ACTION!

Step 1 – Green Anarchism Bloc  – Sept 21st 2014

Step 2 – Brighton Radical Bloc, Oct 14th 2014

Step 3 – BRING BACK MASS HECKLING – Oct 18th 2014

Step 4 – #OpVendetta #Nov5th –  Nov 5th 2014

Step 5 – Mass solidarity with the students Nov 19th 2014

Step 6 – Mass Mobilization for MAYDAY 2015 (Just before the General election)


A joint struggle with International solidarity is the only viable solution. It’s not just about climate change, it’s about Austerity kicking in worldwide, it’s about the class war!

Get ready for the next big truly international day of solidarity in 2015. MAYDAY 2015, this movement will not build itself!

See you at the barricades!

An Anarcho-Syndicalist in the UK