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Around the world people have been watching the events un-folding in Ferguson and now it seems, its time to take to the streets to demand justice.

November 26th 2014 – Worldwide Vigil for Mike Brown.

The people want Justice.

Outraged by the brutal killing of Mike Brown and the subsequent miscarriage of justice of his killer, we have all been reminded of an all to re-occurring scenario, Young Black males being killed by the state.(and the state getting away with it) It’s happening to fucking often, the institutional racism of government, specifically the police force, is out of control. Everyday a young black male is murdered and this is not specific to the US. Across Europe we are also seeing a wave of racism, not only in the police force, but in government, media and everyday on our streets.

Capitalism is Violence
The enemy here is not just the Police, but the arms industry, the military industrial complex, the pharmaceutical industry, the Bankers and their overlords (all who collectively profit from the suffering of others). What is becoming more and more apparent here is that Capitalism breeds Racism. It’s certainly true that in times of “Austerity” (code for “looting of the people by the bankers”) the state use’s the race card to try to divide us.

#FERGUSON – A few Images to show human strength in the face of oppression.



In closing, If the Racist system does not change soon, things are gonna get worse. There is really only one thing to do and that is to Sabotage the system and Destroy Capitalism.


An Anarcho Syndicalist in the UK.



Julien Blanc “pick up Artist” and the use of petitions to help the girls or not as the case maybe.

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The petition to deny US ‘pick-up artist’ Julien Blanc a UK visa (which I didn’t sign) reached more than 156,000 signatures. Yet a petition pressuring David Cameron to fund rape crisis centres, or to close down Yarl’s Wood – the immigration detention centre for women ( widely criticised for its treatment of vulnerables) gets barely noticed. A petition (which I signed) to close Yarl’s Wood was set up earlier this year, and has attracted fewer than 50,224 supporters signatures with another 24,776 needed. The reason I didn’t sign the Julien Blanc petition not because I didn’t agree with it but I knew that I didn’t have to. The media had already decided to make him an example and it was job done.


So how do we get them to apply the same pressure about the shutting down of our rape crisis centres. A time when rape is now seemingly not a…

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Anonymous want Justice on November 5th

“We want our justice, that’s what we want”
Words spoken by An Anonymous activist on November 5th 2012 at the protest in London’s Trafalgar Square. This year is no different, once again on November 5th London’s Trafalgar Square is set to come alive with Guy Fawkes masks.

VIDEO from Previous year:-

This year, estimates are that over 9000 people will take to the streets of London for what has been described by online activists as an all out “LULZFEST”


In addition to this year’s festivity’s, Ravers against police brutality are putting on a show with multiple rigs. Also, Anarchist group Class War are in town. This day is about the trolls being unleashed into the real world to search for Lulz. It’s not all about the Lulz though, Revolution is in the air, It’s important to acknowledge that on November 6th, the system will still be in place, November 5th, Is a starting point, not an ending.   (Talk to people, find each other and organize)

November 5th 2014 Initiated!

See you at the barricades.

An Anarcho Syndicalist in the UK