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Class War. What is Class War and is it still a valid today?



“I thought I was working Class till I went to Glasgow. Then I realised I was middle class”

Fletcher. Porridge.

So as Ian Bone calls for Class War to go to the Polling booths. I ask do we need to redefine what class is? and is there still a class war? Where are the battle lines and are they as clear cut as this battle cry implies? or is it a state of mind? I understand that there has been class systems since the invention of the family and the birth of capitalism, but it’s about the class system that I know effected and defined the place I find myself in right now. And the question, “If we are fighting a Class war, are we not the ones perpetuating the class system with this war? and who benefits from the divisions? and is the Class War still valid and in…

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