This is not a Parade, This is a Protest #TimeToAct2015

Face it, we have become apathetic robots… People have started to confuse protests with parades. It’s a disaster, during protests even the activists are becoming apathetic. It’s become less about creative action and more about standing around, walking and then going home. On the bright side these guise seem to have been accepted into the crowd? Yayyyy!!!!

Agents of the state


On March 7th thousands of people will gather in Lincolns inn field to prepare for the first big march of the year. This is The Peoples climate March #TimeToAct2015 . Look out for the massive anarchist bloc AKA the Anti-capitalist contingent.

Join the Anti-capitalist contingent.
Main event:

Capitalism is killing the planet, the only thing that is keeping this system going is corporate lobbyists who have share holders interests at heart. We know this to be true, the media knows this to be true, even Governments know this to be true. The planet cannot sustain itself on its current course, yet the madness continues… Its time to act!

Join bloc on march 7th and lets smash the state together! Destruction of the dystopia of tomorrow today! before we are all slaves and lost in the flames…
Bloc tactics:



An Anarcho Syndicalist in the UK



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