What have we done with death ?


00-Sting-GRADE_04-0_00_09_14-e1402056110209 Having just come back from what I can only say was the best funeral I have ever been to has made me look at the state of death in our society. The phone call came at 3.00am on Monday that Nana had passed into the other room. This wasn’t a shock as we had been waiting for the news following a fall 2 weeks before. The family made their arrangements, flights booked from all over Europe. The gathering of the clan had begun. The wake was to be held at Nana’s house for all her friends and family to come and say their farewells and tell their stories over a tipple or a cup of tea. The scene was set by the tradition of our ancestors. Never having been to a wake before I was apprehensive of the unknown, would I be able to keep it together? would I make…

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