#JuneDEMO #EndAusterityNow – The Bankers are the Problem

On June 20th, People will be gathering outside the bank of England to protest the banks,  the ruling class and their destructive austerity program.  Stupidly the people’s assembly have asked people to march away from the city of corruption and into the “Protest Quarantine zone” (Parliament Square) The Most CCTV’d up place in the world. THIS SUCKS!!! We all know that the bankers are the problem. WTF? On the one day get a chance to protest against the banks, we are asked to march away from it. I don’t know about you but this shit stinks! The fact of the matter is, the greedy bankers are the reason we are in this mess in the first place, it’s them that should pay for the crisis, not the poorest in society. B9AXG3 Bank signs, City of London rothchild The Bankers are the problem.  A call-out has gone out by Class war to meet at Midday at the Bank of England and I’ll be willing to bet, they’re not gonna march to an empty Parliament and there are many more who feel the same way.  (Update, exact meeting point to be announced via @Classwar2015
10385418_1610545365829751_2984505774232375529_n High-noon at the bank of England is gonna be some atmosphere The question is, will other radical groups Join the people willing to up the game and take action against the banks. We have seen massive actions from the Green Blocs in Europe, will the campaigns against climate change up their game?

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Green Bloc at a recent anti-austerity demo in Germany.

With a 10,000 strong Anti-racist march in London just over a month ago, The anti-racist bloc on June 20th is set to be massive. Will the Anti-racist bloc be happy marching to a an empty parliament on a Saturday? Or will they be willing to up the game and take action against the banks 468617014 Anti-fascists walking down the street at a recent Anti-Nazi action. Good news is that Netpol (Anti-Police Repression group) are supplying face coverings to the masses in preparation for the Privacy bloc. I wonder if they will  be willing to up their game and take action against the banks. netpol 500 face coverings to be handed out on June 20th For full details on the face coverings see here:- https://netpol.org/2015/05/13/cover-up/ So, that’s about it, lots happening, and that’s just the public shit! On top of that you can be sure people are organizing! only advice i can give is same as usual. Don’t talk to police, cover your face as if your life depends on it, de-arrest people, stick together and take action against Austerity. 577255_327680193980395_369825386_n #JuneDEMO #EndAusterityNow What we need to do is occupy the city of London! Snapshot(33)spains There is so much corruption going on in the city. Best regards, An Anarcho-Syndicalist in the UK.


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