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Occupy the Elections 2015

With Mayday approaching in the UK and talk of many different actions, the action that seems to of captured the most attention on social media is #OccupyDemocracy.

After a quick look at the plans It’s shocking to see the utter apathy of the whole thing. Meditation flash-mobs, Planting flowers, football matches and Sing-songs. Whatever happened to the occupy movement, the movement that was based on the exploits of the Spanish 15M movement, an all-out Insurgency!

A picture of a sign taken from a barricaded road in Barcelona, July 2011

Within the UK occupy scene, Occupy democracy is a very small working group guided by a small contingent independently of Occupy London. In fact, Occupy London have stated many times that they are not the same as occupy democracy, its only the media that have reported it that way.  So who are these people? Why have they changed the rules and why have they turned Occupy into a Joke.

Dressing up as police with happy faces and preaching Gandhian tactics (who are these people who are telling people the police are our friends!

Occupy Democracy are trying to say the Militant activists are not a part of the 99%.

Due to the very nature of Occupy, this is not important, what’s important is that nobody owns Occupy, much like Anonymous, it has no leaders, only people who sometimes steer the ship, Ultimately occupy is what you make it.In Oakland, diversity of tactics is still at the forefront of their movement along with Militant revolutionary action. In the occupy working groups of Spain, Greece, Italy and Germany it’s the same. The militant radicals are facilitating the way, not the liberal reformists.

A man lies on the floor with a banner reading “Stop Police privatization” This mans banner is in support of the police. The same police who have beaten so many of our comrades (how about “Abolish the police”)

How have we let the liberal reformists like this man take over the occupy movement. This person and many more like him are in support of the police and the state, what can be done about this.  I don’t know about any of you, but seeing person after person arrested in the name of occupy is only serving to de-motivate people and create a feeling of hopelessness.

Police arrest Occupy Democracy protesters on Trafalgar Square. 21 October, 2014.parliament-square-tents-c-007
Police arrest Occupy Democracy protesters on Trafalgar Square. 21 October, 2014.Police arrest Occupy Democracy protesters on Trafalgar Square. 21 October, 2014.
protestPolice arrest Occupy Democracy protesters on Trafalgar Square. 21 October, 2014.
Arrest after arrest, What is this achieving but to incriminate people for nothing?

Surely empowerment would be to see people stand up and resist, not lie down and take the police brutality. It’s shocking to see that none of the organizers have been arrested only young, new and vulnerable people, DNA taken complete with new criminal record. Thank you Occupy.

It’s time to stop complying with the architects of Occupy Democracy, It’s time to Occupy everything. To start with, this means attending the GA’s, out voting the Liberals and pushing for more direct action. This also means identifying the ring leaders within occupy democracy and watching them as they try to coerce people. On top of this, separate direct action working groups must be formed to run along side Occupy democracy to liberate the occupy movement from the clutches of reformists.
We have no demands, our mission is only action and our banners merely read, occupy everything.

A few steps must be taken to achieve this transformation.
1./ Any talk of Gandhian tactics must be met with utter contempt and diversity of tactics must be demanded to make fully inclusive of peaceful and more direct action. This will attract more people and decentralize the movement to rid it of all the power grabbers and self-proclaimed leaders. Remember that the people waging war on our movement do so under the cloak of peace. The same as the west murdered millions of people in Iraq in the name of peace. So we are not disrupting the peace, we are disrupting the war. Let it be said that the biggest failure of Gandhian tactics post Gandhi was WW2 when Millions of people tried it in Germany and were sent to the Auschwitz gas chambers and killed.  

2./ A blanket ban of talking to the police must be facilitated. This includes banishing baby blue bibs from the general assemblies. If they refuse to leave, we move to a safe distance.

Talking to police is an insult to the millions of victims of police brutality. (Just don’t)

3./ We don’t like to talk to the right-wing media, but guaranteed the liberal left will, so be a good disruptor and Hijack interviews with your own message.  Reformists work within the government’s agenda so their reformist message will always be pro Government. Occupy at its roots, and as a tactic, will always be anti-government and anti-state. Make sure social media know this and at the same time tell the mainstream media to fuck off!

4./Back up your fellow comrades when they call-out counter-revolutionaries. Take a look at occupy GA’s, it’s mostly middle class students. This needs to change, we need to attract the homeless, we need to attract working class we need to attract people of all faiths, backgrounds colors and creed. To do this tactically we should Respect safer spaces but stop it nothing to liberate the movement to reach a much wider and more diverse audience.

Happy Mayday!  

An Anarcho-syndicalist in the UK


The People of Brighton have every right to be angry.

On April 27th 2014, (St Georges Day) The Far right will be allowed a platform to march through the heart of multicultural Brighton. The reason they choose Brighton is because of its liberal and multicultural nature (They know it will cause division).

The March for England is made up of EDL, EVF, NWI and other Nazi groups.

The March for England will be met with a wall of opposition from local groups spread across all ages, colours and cultures. The fascists will come up against many autonomous groups adopting different tactics to counter them.

English Disco lovers will be rocking out against racism.

Brighton’s local Queer and Homeless community will be making a stand.

Local trade unions together with Unite against fascism have done a call out for a mass mobilization.

Militant black bloc tactics will take center stage to defend the community.

EDL thugs5
All members of the local community will be out in force.

Together they make a united Brighton against the march for England. The idea is not just to oppose the march for England, but to stop it in its tracks. Our grandparents killed fascists, now they are allowed to march down our streets. In the 21st century, to allow a group with a message of segregation and hate to cause this level of unrest in our communities is absolutely outrageous.

A picture from 2013:-

On the 27th of April the people of Brighton have every right to be angry.

For more info see flyer below:-

An Anarcho Syndicalist in the UK


With 2013 drawing to a close, and 2014 upon us,  what does the future hold for the UK resistance.  It’s clear that many Activists are coming to the realization that simple protest marches from A to B no longer work.  Civil Disobedience is now the new protest method, from the book blocks at the student demo’s to the lock ons at the Anti fracking camps at Balcombe and Barton Moss, there is clearly a shift towards more direct methods of protest.

In 2014 Anarchist tactics will certainly become more prominent within the protest world.  The power of solidarity is rising,  Animal rights groups, such as Hunt Sabs and Anti Badger cullers are joining forces with Antifascist groups, Students, Anti-Fracking cells and Occupiers. The Idea that is forming is all out solidarity, from forming large radical blocks,  to inner city lock ons, occupations, banner drops and road blocks.  The re-emergence of class war shows you how bad things have got.

We are in a Class War, Austerity was a declaration of class warfare but we thought a simple wave of protest would solve the problem, we were wrong.  Since 2010, on the psychological battle field, we have been pushed back, way back. ! 2014 is the year that we will retake that ground, but 1st…  we are going have to get mad. We are going to have to link arms together, lock on together and go to jail together !

The cry for 2014, is CLASS WAR !!!  Always wear black, Never speak to the police.
Whilst we are approaching 2 million un-employed, simple food and shelter is becoming a luxury, all whilst our food is being pumped with GMO’s and our land is under attack by Oil and gas companies.  If you don’t get arrested for being a spanner in works in 2014, then you are a not doing enough.  If Peaceful protest worked, It would be Illegal, we must Educate, escalate and Expropriate… So Now………….. Slap yourself round the face and repeat after me ..  WE ARE FUCKING ANGRY !!!

Best Regards,
Someone that feels like you !


In the UK, on March 26th 2011, over a thousand Anarchists took to the street to send a clear message to the British government that we were not going to take the cuts lightly. Buildings got smashed, Banks set on fire, and corporations attacked.  This action would have been many times bigger if it had not been for a certain group known as the Love Police. A man by the name of Charlie Veitch, either aware or unaware, gathered in Trafalgar square on the day of the mass disturbance with a message of “Love the police.”  You could almost say that on this day,  the message of Anarchy in the UK was diluted by Veitch’s message of loving the police.

Skip forward to Occupy London, October 15th 2011 and the many demo’s and actions that were associated, out of No where came Anonymous, this was the 1st time they launched themselves into the Generalised protest world outside of Scientology. They bought with then an underlying message of peaceful protest that was built into their code of conduct. No one actually knew where this code of conduct came from, some even pointing the finger at it coming from the FBI themselves.

Skip forward to November 1st 2011 and a conversation on a very large Facebook thread . It was 5 days before the big protest on November 5th 2011 AKA “Operation Stand” the Operation discussion thread had many comments. The biggest and most controversial part of this thread that was the majority of UK Anons were unanimous that the threat of violent or disruptive behaviour should be dealt with by handing any confrontational protesters over to police. That’s right, the peaceful protest code of conduct had become all out complicity with the police. This caused mass outrage and became a very big thread with many criticizing Anonymous UK as counter-revolutionary.

The underlying code of conduct that promoted peaceful protest has been a topic of controversy ever since . From my perspective , We should all want peaceful protest, but it’s really not that simple. By all means support Anonymous, but we really must read between the lines, the police are not our friends, they are not on our side. I do not want violence, but without justice, there can never be peace.  Any activist in there right mind knows this to be the case,

Skip forward to 2013 and I see the activist world completely divided by this  subject. Are we peaceful or are we violent, the truth is always somewhere in the middle, this blog will hopefully remind people to read between the lines, we are not doing this to be violent, but we are naive if we state that we are organizing a peaceful demo, because In the current police state, you can not guarantee this.

So 1st, the love police quelled the uprising for 2 years, then Anonymous quelled the uprising for a further 2 years. Now in 2013 going on 2014, you have the next big groups in the UK, The Peoples Assembly,  Left Unity and The Peoples voice, All three with clauses written into their mission statement of peaceful protest, all three at risk of quelling the uprising.

Please read between the lines. we do not need peaceful protest, we do not need violent protest. What we need is affirmative action, from the grass-roots level up. The alternative is simple,  never affiliate with a group that has “peaceful protest” built into their code of conduct, because you may just find yourself getting arrested or sacrificed by your own team.

With Love
A Ground Activist in the thick of it.

Anonymous OR Anarchism – You Decide ?

I have always thought Anonymous and the Anarchist community got on so well, Anonymous come across as so anarchic, many calling themselves Anarchists. After looking deeper into this subject and discussing this with people at the Anarchist book fare in London, UK, I discovered, most Anarchists do not see Anonymous as Anarchists at all. There is a reoccurring pattern within the Anarchist community and that is  “Anonymous are respected as a hacking group, but hated as an on the ground protest group.

In October 2013 at the Anarchist book fare in London, I spoke to an Anarchist by the name of John, he said:-  “Anonymous as a subculture refuses to let go of racist, homophobic and derogatory terminology, so they go against everything I stand for.” Another Anarchist by the name of Stephen said;- As someone who has been to many demo’s in the last few years, I found the people with the Guy Fawkes masks to be the least educated, not even willing to accept the history of the man they call Guy Fawkes and the fact that he was a religious fanatic.  Another Anarchist called Jessica said;- “I found Anonymous very sexist, they were not even an activist group, just Internet Trolls prancing around with an I can do whatever I want attitude.

I wanted to understand what Anonymous thought of Anarchists and why they felt Anarchists as a whole held them in such low regard. After speaking on-line with many people who described themselves as Anonymous  activists, (Not Hackers) another reoccurring pattern was emerging. Most people who claimed to be representing Anonymous activists, didn’t understand what Anarchy was at all, nor did they know why the Anarchist community held them in such low regard. One Anon by the name of Guy Fawkes  said;- “90% of Anons are younger members and not fully educated on the many different types of political ideology. Another Anon by the name of Giovanni said “Anonymous are not just Anarchists, we are a group made up of many different ideologies” Another Anon by the name of Martin said; “I am an Anarchist and an Anon and I don’t like some terminology that Anons adopt, nor do I like some ways that Anarchists operate. The more I discussed this with both sides the more I became confused about the relationship between Anonymous and Anarchists.  As stated above though, there were re occurring patterns emerging about the differences within the two groups.

The Anarchists are against homophobia, racism and derogatory terminology, Anonymous also claim to be against these things, but still insist upon using racial and homophobic terms as its part of the subculture. The Anarchists believe in some leadership, planning and organizing, where as Anonymous are against any form of leadership and have no structure whatsoever. The Anarchists are notoriously left-wing in their views whereas Anonymous are both right and left-wing. On-line Anonymous trolls attack other minority subcultures  and set upon innocent people like a pack of wolves, whilst Anarchists have always been seen to fight for those that are the oppressed. The more you look into it, the more it appears that Anonymous are trampling on the very idea of Anarchy, downgrading the Anarchist movement to a violent street mob in comparison to Anonymous, the victorious freedom fighters.

After speaking to people on both sides, I came to the conclusion that its obvious that Anarchists are simply more politically educated than Anons. Anonymous comes across as more of an entry-level to, not only Anarchism but all types of political ideology.  Anonymous and Anarchists are so very different yet its only the Anarchists that can clearly see these differences. Out of the Anons I spoke to, they knew not of Marxism or Anarcho communism or the differences between socialism and class was anarchism. Anonymous claim not to hold any ideology because they are simply an Idea, but the fact is, Anonymous is full of ideologies, all contradicting one another. The main thing that stands out in a number of the platforms used by Anonymous, including , 4CHAN, Facebook, Twitter, IRC, and other forums, is that they tend to derail most positive discussions down to a torrent of racist and homophobic abuse.

There are many contradictions within Anonymous,  it’s the polarity span that keeps them divided, the Morals are prevented by the humorous or Lulz, the realists are at war with the conspiracy theorists, the dedicated are prevented by the lazy. Ultimately they are in a state of utter chaos. This is not so bad, looking at the bigger picture,  if we didn’t allow a level of chaos, everything would be the same, order festering away at the very fruits of our freedom, leading us to a world of machinery. As George Orwell put it, “it can be envisaged as a boot stamping on a human head….. forever !! .  This is why Anonymous are still around, to remind us of the never-ending path towards order. This is nothing more than a cognitive dissonance operation, not there for people to Join, but there for people to learn from.

Anonymous can be looked at as a positive or a negative, but my research returns some very dangerous results. history has proven that in times of Chaos and dissent, governments use the opportunity to bring in yet more rules and regulations.  It is Anons Unwilling naivety to operate outside of the Anonymous bubble that will eventually lead it down a path of self-destruction. On the other hand, It is Anarchists intent to discuss new-found ways of co-existing that will eventually lead to ultimate human freedom. The question is, how much longer will Anarchists allow Anonymous to turn Anarchy into Chaos, because the fact is, no matter how you try to package it, Anonymous are fundamentally working against Anarchism and towards Fascism.

Much love,
An Anonymous Whistle Blower 😉

For more info see here > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fagging