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Occupy the Elections 2015

With Mayday approaching in the UK and talk of many different actions, the action that seems to of captured the most attention on social media is #OccupyDemocracy.

After a quick look at the plans It’s shocking to see the utter apathy of the whole thing. Meditation flash-mobs, Planting flowers, football matches and Sing-songs. Whatever happened to the occupy movement, the movement that was based on the exploits of the Spanish 15M movement, an all-out Insurgency!

A picture of a sign taken from a barricaded road in Barcelona, July 2011

Within the UK occupy scene, Occupy democracy is a very small working group guided by a small contingent independently of Occupy London. In fact, Occupy London have stated many times that they are not the same as occupy democracy, its only the media that have reported it that way.  So who are these people? Why have they changed the rules and why have they turned Occupy into a Joke.

Dressing up as police with happy faces and preaching Gandhian tactics (who are these people who are telling people the police are our friends!

Occupy Democracy are trying to say the Militant activists are not a part of the 99%.

Due to the very nature of Occupy, this is not important, what’s important is that nobody owns Occupy, much like Anonymous, it has no leaders, only people who sometimes steer the ship, Ultimately occupy is what you make it.In Oakland, diversity of tactics is still at the forefront of their movement along with Militant revolutionary action. In the occupy working groups of Spain, Greece, Italy and Germany it’s the same. The militant radicals are facilitating the way, not the liberal reformists.

A man lies on the floor with a banner reading “Stop Police privatization” This mans banner is in support of the police. The same police who have beaten so many of our comrades (how about “Abolish the police”)

How have we let the liberal reformists like this man take over the occupy movement. This person and many more like him are in support of the police and the state, what can be done about this.  I don’t know about any of you, but seeing person after person arrested in the name of occupy is only serving to de-motivate people and create a feeling of hopelessness.

Police arrest Occupy Democracy protesters on Trafalgar Square. 21 October, 2014.parliament-square-tents-c-007
Police arrest Occupy Democracy protesters on Trafalgar Square. 21 October, 2014.Police arrest Occupy Democracy protesters on Trafalgar Square. 21 October, 2014.
protestPolice arrest Occupy Democracy protesters on Trafalgar Square. 21 October, 2014.
Arrest after arrest, What is this achieving but to incriminate people for nothing?

Surely empowerment would be to see people stand up and resist, not lie down and take the police brutality. It’s shocking to see that none of the organizers have been arrested only young, new and vulnerable people, DNA taken complete with new criminal record. Thank you Occupy.

It’s time to stop complying with the architects of Occupy Democracy, It’s time to Occupy everything. To start with, this means attending the GA’s, out voting the Liberals and pushing for more direct action. This also means identifying the ring leaders within occupy democracy and watching them as they try to coerce people. On top of this, separate direct action working groups must be formed to run along side Occupy democracy to liberate the occupy movement from the clutches of reformists.
We have no demands, our mission is only action and our banners merely read, occupy everything.

A few steps must be taken to achieve this transformation.
1./ Any talk of Gandhian tactics must be met with utter contempt and diversity of tactics must be demanded to make fully inclusive of peaceful and more direct action. This will attract more people and decentralize the movement to rid it of all the power grabbers and self-proclaimed leaders. Remember that the people waging war on our movement do so under the cloak of peace. The same as the west murdered millions of people in Iraq in the name of peace. So we are not disrupting the peace, we are disrupting the war. Let it be said that the biggest failure of Gandhian tactics post Gandhi was WW2 when Millions of people tried it in Germany and were sent to the Auschwitz gas chambers and killed.  

2./ A blanket ban of talking to the police must be facilitated. This includes banishing baby blue bibs from the general assemblies. If they refuse to leave, we move to a safe distance.

Talking to police is an insult to the millions of victims of police brutality. (Just don’t)

3./ We don’t like to talk to the right-wing media, but guaranteed the liberal left will, so be a good disruptor and Hijack interviews with your own message.  Reformists work within the government’s agenda so their reformist message will always be pro Government. Occupy at its roots, and as a tactic, will always be anti-government and anti-state. Make sure social media know this and at the same time tell the mainstream media to fuck off!

4./Back up your fellow comrades when they call-out counter-revolutionaries. Take a look at occupy GA’s, it’s mostly middle class students. This needs to change, we need to attract the homeless, we need to attract working class we need to attract people of all faiths, backgrounds colors and creed. To do this tactically we should Respect safer spaces but stop it nothing to liberate the movement to reach a much wider and more diverse audience.

Happy Mayday!  

An Anarcho-syndicalist in the UK


Occupy Wonga on MAYDAY !

On May 1st 2014 Occupy London have done a call-out for some direct action against the pay-day loan company Wonga.  (GOOD)

These fuckers deserve to be targeted, even the state has said they are corrupt, yet no one does anything. In essence, Pay day loan companies are no different from the bankers, who the state have said they will do something about but have failed. Bankers are still getting huge bonuses, banks are still preying on people to take out credit cards, loans and rack up huge debt so that they can screw us for everything we have.
Wonga are even worse, Wonga are the real life loan sharks but without the baseball bat.

Wonga – legal loan sharks.

Many people have committed suicide because of the large debt with Wonga. The problem is these people were already in trouble when they clicked on Wonga’s page ( oh yeah, that’s another thing, Wonga don’t have a friendly face, they are ghosts, not existing in the real world, lets come back to that) So yeah, people who click on Wonga’s page and take out a loan, are already in financial difficulty, what Wonga do is make that financial difficulty much worse. Wonga hope that you default on the payment or mis the deadline, then they can make even more money out of you.  Wonga are crooks, pay-day loan crooks. ( The worst kind)

So if you have a problem with a loan, if a family member has died, if there is an emergency, heck even if there was a fucking earthquake, Wonga would still harass you for money, they don’t have a person thinking about each individual case, they are a machine, with no heart, no brain and they will absolutely not stop, until you are dead. Even if you wanted to speak to someone about your exceptional case they would not meet you,  they have no customer facing team. This is why so many people have committed suicide over this issue, they have had no one to turn to and been given no second chances.
Wonga are murderers.

On May 1st 2014, Occupy London together with DPAC, Queer resistance, ClassWar and many other groups are gonna be paying Wonga a visit.

Here is the description from the event page:
On May 1st 2014, get ready for some direct action, Occupy London are proud to present OCCUPY WONGA !

In 2011 the Occupy movement had a clear message “The bankers are the problem”. Now in 2014, we are on the edge of complete debt slavery.

Pay day loan companies are the new economic fascists, their “clients” include, victims of the Bedroom tax, Fuel Poverty, Benefit cuts, Atos and all people suffering from the Governments Austerity program. Companies like QuickQuid, the Money Shop and Wonga are not helping us, they are holding us in debt bondage further extending the widening gap between rich and poor.

We see the most vulnerable people in society being charged Immoral Interest rates, the very people the government should be protecting. If you feel that something should be done about Payday loans, join us in London on Mayday 2014.

Occupy London hereby call for a complete end to Pay day loans and and immediate stop to all pay day loan advertising. On Mayday we will be paying Wonga some interest, but not with 5853% APR.

May day Itinerary:-
12:00 (High Noon) Assemble at Clerkenwell Green
13:00 March sets off
14:30 Rally in Trafalgar square in honour of Tony Benn and Bob Crow.
As soon as the rally has finished, we march.
When we arrive at the target we will occupy a space and hold a general assembly on site.

Supporting this action on the day will be:-
*Disabled People Against The Cuts
*Fuel Poverty Action
*The Resistance Movement Of The UK

Speakers on the day TBC.

Lets make next Mayday an uprising against Austerity.
– Tony Benn



I will be attending this demo with my black and red flag in hand.
May-day is our day, see you on the streets.



An Anarcho syndicalist in the UK

October 18th 2014 – RECLAIM THE CITY

This year on October 18th the TUC has called for a mass march through the center of London. This will be the biggest demonstration of the year with possibly over 100,000 people taking to the streets. There is one question on everyone’s mind “What are the radicals thinking?”

black bloc_1
A Radical worker with a Truncheon protection helmet.

On March 26th 2011, we saw radicals adopt the “Black Bloc Tactic”, rampaging down Oxford street smashing every corporation in site. Since then In the UK entire Black blocs have been mass arrested before the day has even begun. This new tactic by police completely changes the game. In Black you are an easy target for the police who can simply “Arrest everyone in Black” (Totally illegal, but they will do it anyway)

An easy target for a police kettle.

This year calls have gone out for a Radical workers bloc, a black bloc, a Classwar bloc, all kinds of blocs. None have really succeeded in capturing the people’s imagination. Many people know that the TUC’s march to Hyde Park will end with speeches given by the usual suspects and then everyone will go home. We know that some of the demos of the past have simply turned into running battles with police who are not the real target. So what to do on October 18th 2013.

A colour bloc would certainly confuse the fuck out of the police.

Critics of the colour bloc tactic may argue, “fuck that, im wearing black” and the response to that would be “say that when you’re getting arrested and the other guy/girl wearing green walks free. We are all aware that the unity colours of the black bloc is Black. So would this affect the unity of the day, Maybe ?. Some would argue that the very act of carrying a red and black flag would have you singled out. By wearing diffrent colours, the police would have to arrest everyone.

Unity colours of the Colour Bloc.

This is not a fashion show, this is not a call to adopt black bloc tactics whilst wearing colourful face coverings, this is ultimately performance art and a spectacle. With huge marches like this, whatever tactic adopted, it’s about expression. Expression to express one’s views however that particular person see’s fit. Black Bloc is like an addiction that people will always see as the more radical bloc and therefore always sway away from the very idea of a colour bloc to be with “the IN crowd”. Foolishly this means more likelihood of getting kettled, arrested and more importantly, lowering the radical elements numbers down to those only wearing black. In other words,  the media will say “the radicals were the ones in black.”

Snapshot 1 (25-03-2014 11-08)
March 2011: Police cut through the Black bloc.

Whatever the tactic adopted on the day, this blog is in no way trying to over iron the black fabric down to a smouldering piece of tissue. This blog is merely a suggestion that radical blocs are not just limited to black bloc tactics. In fact they are two completely different things, that’s not the point though, the point is that although the UK likes to follow suit with european tactics, very rarely do we set the trend with new ideas. The usual plan is to start the demo with a block on Embankment and then break off onto Oxford street. This has now become very predictable and somewhat outdated.

A more credible idea would be to blend in with the TUC demo all the way to Hyde Park and then disperse only to re-emerge at strategic targets around the City of London in the cover of night. Let us not forget that October 18th is on a Saturday, which means an all nighter is on the cards. Why go after Starbucks, McD’s or boots, when you can target Goldman Sachs, Rothschild’s bank and a list of a hundred others.

Another option is clear, we all know that the mainstream media will not promote this event and locals from the surrounding boroughs of London will most likely have no idea that this demonstration is taking place. Why not start Mobilization Blocs early in the day from strategic locations that are suffering most from state oppression and cuts. The idea would be to march around the estates during the day with megaphones calling everyone to the city of London for say 9pm. (For example)

Possible March locations to bring the wider community into the City.

At very least these locations can be made aware of the possible action. Our very way of life is under attack by the corporate thugs that are destroying our communities, poisoning our land and profiting from our demise. This is the ultimate take over and its being forced upon us by the weapon that is Austerity. On October 18th, we have a chance to let public anger boil over to symbolize the discontent with the current system. With every year we are running out of time, time to change course to a more sustainable way of life, time to bring the real criminals to justice and time to implement real horizontal people led democracy.

Imagine if we all came to the center and reclaimed the City in the dead of night.

Whatever happens its All-out for October 18th.

Note: This is by no means an official call-out, this is merely an expression of ideas. This is not calling for violence or law breaking. This blog does not and cannot mobilize the 100 ache woods autonomous cell of nothingness, for we have no Gods nor masters.

An Anarcho Syndicalist in the UK.

Antifascism – The Nature of the Beast !

I have tried so hard to help people understand the nature of the beast we fight and still I see threads like that on Occupy London’s wall just yesterday where many people were saying left / right divide is what the elites want.  Allow me to reiterate why this is bullshit…..  All government dictatorships are inherently right-wing. You may argue that some dictatorships throughout history have been left-wing, but that is not correct because the very ideology of a dictatorship means it becomes right-wing.  They truth is that people holding extreme right-wing views are a part of the 1%, it’s not just financial, it’s also ideological.

Ok, hope your still with me when I say “All government dictatorships are right-wing” the very ideology of the left cries out for no hierarchy, no discrimination, more equality, fairness and justice for all.   How can the left / right divide be an elite conspiracy when the elite are Right wing. The only people who want more justice and more equality are the left, the very definition of right-wing means more control and more hierarchy.

The real fight,  is a united people fighting against the right-wing ideology within government to bring about a more just and sustainable world were we don’t have greedy, uneducated and violent people imposing there rules on the rest of the population. So, 1st things 1st. we need to rid all the machine minds of that of the EDL, BNP, EVF and other Nazi like groups, then we carry on mobilizing against that very same ideology but not just in ring wing groups, but straight through the heart of government. So…. the reason we fight fascists on the street is because in order to defeat your enemy, you must 1st understand what is wrong with that enemy.

So next time someone invites you to an antifascist demo against the EDL, Golden Dawn and the BNP etc……. If you planning to say it’s just divide and conquer, remember, that was exactly what the Jews said before the holocaust …. If only they understood the nature of the beast..



Someone who remembers history !

The ClassWar Meeting – January 2014

Today I went to the ClassWar Political party meeting in South London. I went along with an open mind, neither for, nor against it. Many things were discussed, policies included Abolishing the bedroom tax and implementing a Mansion Tax,  a cap on the earnings of the rich, the legalization of Ganja, a living wage, discounted football tickets, abolishing pay-day loans and an end to Fracking. Overall I gotta say the policies where pretty EPIC.

The idea of anarchists engaging in the very system that we oppose sort of contradicted it, however, I get it. The sort of people who this will appeal to is not only the disenfranchised youth, but as one guy in the meeting pointed out, it has possibility of creating a huge vacuum across the board, which i agree with. What I also liked about the meeting was that at the end Ian Bone announced the party launch will be an action on MAY DAY 2014. ( SEE YOU AT THE BARRICADES )


This is definitely one to watch…


A Class War Anarchist.

Class Warriors will “Reclaim the Streets” in 2014

So next year, most people will march back and forward again in the hope that we can somehow overthrow or change the system in some way. This will include a few new conspiracy nuts, a few hippies, and a few people affected by the cuts.  They will sing songs like power to the people, the people have the power, they will argue with police, then they will go home and carry on watching Big Brother.

The rest of the people, do not give a fuck.  we are talking about 70% of the population, who have absolutely no reason to protest whatsoever.  In fact statistically speaking, in 2014 more people will go to festivals , attended football matches and take cocaine.

What does this tell us? …..not that they are asleep, not that they lacking an alternative, in actual fact this tells us quite simply, that “WE” are doing it wrong. We shouldn’t be organizing protests, we shouldn’t be organizing anything yet  because we cannot speak for the 99% of people, only for ourselves.

So what we need is a mass community outreach project, not to give a few crack heads sleeping bags, not to hand out flyers in central London locations in huge groups to guarantee a good day out. What we need is for people to be motivated to work in groups as small as 2-3 handing out a flyer that says one thing and one thing only.  RECLAIM THE STREETS IS BACK…….. We will no longer comply with protest regulations by asking for permission to protest because we are not protesting any more. Now, we are merely the symptom of the  problem. We are the Great wave speech, We are the children with no hope, the chaos before the order. Anarchy is order.  The banks declared Class War on the people,. now we have found a way to fight back,  its time for civil disobedience.

A guy with nothing to lose.


With 2013 drawing to a close, and 2014 upon us,  what does the future hold for the UK resistance.  It’s clear that many Activists are coming to the realization that simple protest marches from A to B no longer work.  Civil Disobedience is now the new protest method, from the book blocks at the student demo’s to the lock ons at the Anti fracking camps at Balcombe and Barton Moss, there is clearly a shift towards more direct methods of protest.

In 2014 Anarchist tactics will certainly become more prominent within the protest world.  The power of solidarity is rising,  Animal rights groups, such as Hunt Sabs and Anti Badger cullers are joining forces with Antifascist groups, Students, Anti-Fracking cells and Occupiers. The Idea that is forming is all out solidarity, from forming large radical blocks,  to inner city lock ons, occupations, banner drops and road blocks.  The re-emergence of class war shows you how bad things have got.

We are in a Class War, Austerity was a declaration of class warfare but we thought a simple wave of protest would solve the problem, we were wrong.  Since 2010, on the psychological battle field, we have been pushed back, way back. ! 2014 is the year that we will retake that ground, but 1st…  we are going have to get mad. We are going to have to link arms together, lock on together and go to jail together !

The cry for 2014, is CLASS WAR !!!  Always wear black, Never speak to the police.
Whilst we are approaching 2 million un-employed, simple food and shelter is becoming a luxury, all whilst our food is being pumped with GMO’s and our land is under attack by Oil and gas companies.  If you don’t get arrested for being a spanner in works in 2014, then you are a not doing enough.  If Peaceful protest worked, It would be Illegal, we must Educate, escalate and Expropriate… So Now………….. Slap yourself round the face and repeat after me ..  WE ARE FUCKING ANGRY !!!

Best Regards,
Someone that feels like you !