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Occupy the Elections 2015

With Mayday approaching in the UK and talk of many different actions, the action that seems to of captured the most attention on social media is #OccupyDemocracy.

After a quick look at the plans It’s shocking to see the utter apathy of the whole thing. Meditation flash-mobs, Planting flowers, football matches and Sing-songs. Whatever happened to the occupy movement, the movement that was based on the exploits of the Spanish 15M movement, an all-out Insurgency!

A picture of a sign taken from a barricaded road in Barcelona, July 2011

Within the UK occupy scene, Occupy democracy is a very small working group guided by a small contingent independently of Occupy London. In fact, Occupy London have stated many times that they are not the same as occupy democracy, its only the media that have reported it that way.  So who are these people? Why have they changed the rules and why have they turned Occupy into a Joke.

Dressing up as police with happy faces and preaching Gandhian tactics (who are these people who are telling people the police are our friends!

Occupy Democracy are trying to say the Militant activists are not a part of the 99%.

Due to the very nature of Occupy, this is not important, what’s important is that nobody owns Occupy, much like Anonymous, it has no leaders, only people who sometimes steer the ship, Ultimately occupy is what you make it.In Oakland, diversity of tactics is still at the forefront of their movement along with Militant revolutionary action. In the occupy working groups of Spain, Greece, Italy and Germany it’s the same. The militant radicals are facilitating the way, not the liberal reformists.

A man lies on the floor with a banner reading “Stop Police privatization” This mans banner is in support of the police. The same police who have beaten so many of our comrades (how about “Abolish the police”)

How have we let the liberal reformists like this man take over the occupy movement. This person and many more like him are in support of the police and the state, what can be done about this.  I don’t know about any of you, but seeing person after person arrested in the name of occupy is only serving to de-motivate people and create a feeling of hopelessness.

Police arrest Occupy Democracy protesters on Trafalgar Square. 21 October, 2014.parliament-square-tents-c-007
Police arrest Occupy Democracy protesters on Trafalgar Square. 21 October, 2014.Police arrest Occupy Democracy protesters on Trafalgar Square. 21 October, 2014.
protestPolice arrest Occupy Democracy protesters on Trafalgar Square. 21 October, 2014.
Arrest after arrest, What is this achieving but to incriminate people for nothing?

Surely empowerment would be to see people stand up and resist, not lie down and take the police brutality. It’s shocking to see that none of the organizers have been arrested only young, new and vulnerable people, DNA taken complete with new criminal record. Thank you Occupy.

It’s time to stop complying with the architects of Occupy Democracy, It’s time to Occupy everything. To start with, this means attending the GA’s, out voting the Liberals and pushing for more direct action. This also means identifying the ring leaders within occupy democracy and watching them as they try to coerce people. On top of this, separate direct action working groups must be formed to run along side Occupy democracy to liberate the occupy movement from the clutches of reformists.
We have no demands, our mission is only action and our banners merely read, occupy everything.

A few steps must be taken to achieve this transformation.
1./ Any talk of Gandhian tactics must be met with utter contempt and diversity of tactics must be demanded to make fully inclusive of peaceful and more direct action. This will attract more people and decentralize the movement to rid it of all the power grabbers and self-proclaimed leaders. Remember that the people waging war on our movement do so under the cloak of peace. The same as the west murdered millions of people in Iraq in the name of peace. So we are not disrupting the peace, we are disrupting the war. Let it be said that the biggest failure of Gandhian tactics post Gandhi was WW2 when Millions of people tried it in Germany and were sent to the Auschwitz gas chambers and killed.  

2./ A blanket ban of talking to the police must be facilitated. This includes banishing baby blue bibs from the general assemblies. If they refuse to leave, we move to a safe distance.

Talking to police is an insult to the millions of victims of police brutality. (Just don’t)

3./ We don’t like to talk to the right-wing media, but guaranteed the liberal left will, so be a good disruptor and Hijack interviews with your own message.  Reformists work within the government’s agenda so their reformist message will always be pro Government. Occupy at its roots, and as a tactic, will always be anti-government and anti-state. Make sure social media know this and at the same time tell the mainstream media to fuck off!

4./Back up your fellow comrades when they call-out counter-revolutionaries. Take a look at occupy GA’s, it’s mostly middle class students. This needs to change, we need to attract the homeless, we need to attract working class we need to attract people of all faiths, backgrounds colors and creed. To do this tactically we should Respect safer spaces but stop it nothing to liberate the movement to reach a much wider and more diverse audience.

Happy Mayday!  

An Anarcho-syndicalist in the UK


#M22 – 5000 Antifascists on the streets of London

We have seen the far right rising across europe with polls suggesting that far right Nazi groups are once again starting to rear their ugly heads.  Today In London up to 5000 people marched against Racism and Fascism.

A banner drop on Westminster bridge.

Activists mobilizing outside Parliament.

Many groups from across the country were in attendance.

A beautiful site, the red and black flag flying high.

With fascists on the rise across Europe and Racism still a huge problem within our communities, today was not just about saying no to racism and fascism but a chance to come together with a message of unity.

It was great to stand beside so many great people. On April 27th I hope to see all you people in Brighton when we oppose the fascist march for England.

I will leave you with this video from the day:-


An Anarcho syndicalist in the UK.

The Police try and evict a pregnant woman(AND FAIL).

On the Morning of March 21st 2014, Police were blocked by local residents from gaining access to a residential home in Queens Park, London.

Resident and her child facing eviction.

Police and bailiffs arrive.

Police and bailiffs try to enter property.

Local residents form a blockade.

Demonstrators formed a blockade outside the front door of the property by linking arms. The Police and bailiffs were told this was an Illegal eviction and that they shall not pass. The police and bailiffs did not pass.


Here is a video from the day’s action:-


An Anarcho Syndicalist in the UK.

STOP THE EVF – London (15.3.14)

North London Antifascists have done a call out to oppose the EVF ( English Volunteer force ) on March 15th 2014 in London. The EVF are a group of far right extremist Nazi’s hiding behind a centre right argument of anti-immigration. ( Basically the Rejects from the EDL)  The EVF plan to march from Trafalgar square to Parliament with a message of Anti-Immigration, Anti-Halal meat, and Anti-Burkha. Whatever they tell you , the EVF are Fascists.


This EVF march is targeting Muslims and by doing so is segregating a huge part of our community causing divide and playing directly into the governments hands. The EVF are arguing that protesting against immigration, is gonna solve the problems we face and fix our broken society. The EVF’s message is that immigration offers cheap labour, which brings down wages for everyone else and causes un employment for us all. One thing is missing and very wrong with this argument, and that is that in order for this to be true, you would have to differentiate from us and them, meaning that what the EVF are actually saying is that “they” are “different” from “us” this is nothing short of discrimination.

The fact is,  the other reasons behind the EVF’s march are specific to Islam, this proves that the EVF are targeting Muslims for religious and racist reasons that in fact have nothing to do with immigration. This is proven by the fact they are not mentioning immigration from any other ethnic background.  They are not mentioning polish, Bulgarian or Romanian immigrants, if they truly had a problem with immigration, surely they would mention them. It would appear that only Muslim immigrants are on their agenda.

The fight back and ongoing global uprising against the elite was never supposed to be a left right battle, the revolution is indeed a global fight back, the real enemy is the corporatocracy. The fact remains that to defeat this enemy we must be united.. white, black, gay, straight, men, woman and children, NO ONE EXCLUDED. The minute anyone tries to exclude any one of these groups of human beings, like what happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany, We must use it as an opportunity to UNITE ! Never again we will allow one race, religion or belief to be excluded from the argument unless it’s that of a fascist !

These fascists are not only violent thugs, they are the states counter-revolutionaries…

On March 15th 2014, Join the North London Anti-fascists and remind the fascists whose streets they are.




An original Nazi Hunter !